Your Big Green Breakthrough…

 Define It

Achieve It

Make It Matter

  • Are you still stymied by what it means to “go green”?
  • Do you worry that “going green” is too complicated or out of your price range?
  • Would you experience a personal or professional “breakthrough” if you could figure out what you — or your family, business, or community — actually needed to do to “go green”?

A Big Green Breakthrough Is Within Your Reach!

For over three decades, Diane MacEachern has been helping individuals, businesses and industries, non-profit organizations, students, and community groups identify what it means for them to “go green” so they can achieve their own big green breakthroughs. Through her many books and initiatives, she’s identified the most effective tactics for overcoming real and perceived obstacles to attaining green goals and provided inspiring strategies to turn green dreams into reality.

A best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur, Diane has been deemed an “Eco Hero” by Glamour magazine and recently won the “Image of the Future” prize from the World Communications Forum. She has been lauded by groups ranging from the Sierra Club to the American Bankers Association, while appearing on Good Morning, America, Fox News, NBC, CNN, and Al-Jazeera.

Diane shares what she’s learned about achieving big green breakthroughs in her speeches, workshops and seminars. She offers a wide range of presentations designed to address the specific needs of organizations, institutions and companies working individually or industry-wide to bridge the gap between where they are now in their green pursuits and where they want to be. With inspiring clarity and practicality, Diane demonstrates how we can transform outdated habits into big green breakthroughs that make a difference personally, professionally and in the world around us.

“Diane inspires a green “consciousness” in every woman, man and child who hears her message. As Diane makes clear in her empowering speeches, all of us can make a difference.”  Roselyn O’Connell, Board of Directors, Arizona League of Conservation Voters


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