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Most Frequently Asked Questions of Diane MacEachern

Please take a moment to read this before hiring Diane.

How long have you been speaking?  I have been speaking about sustainability and the environment for over thirty years.

How did you get to be an expert in the green consumer and sustainability movement? I was inspired by my own experiences growing up in Michigan. Often, we couldn’t swim in the lakes because they were too polluted, and there were many days when the air was dangerous to breathe because nearby manufacturing plants were emitting so much pollution. One year, much of our milk became contaminated when the dairy cows were accidentally fed toxic fire retarding chemicals instead of grain! I started working on statewide campaigns to protect the environment in Michigan when I was a student at the University of Michigan.

I understand the importance of your experience, but what formal training have you had? I received my Master of Science degree from the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan. I have since written four books on the environment and on the importance of people acting to protect themselves and their communities and advised such institutions as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations Development Programme. For three years, I wrote a weekly environmental column that was nationally syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group. I also wrote a regular column for Good Housekeeping magazine, and was a frequent guest on national and local broadcast outlets, including Good Morning, America, CNN, Fox News, and Martha Stewart Living Radio.

Who are some of your past clients?

Please see the “Partial List of Past Clients” on my home page www.biggreenbreakthroughs.com for a comprehensive list. Notables include the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the United Nations Development Programme, HP, Frito-Lay, Wall Mart/Sam’s Club, Whole Foods, AVON, Toyota, Lockheed-Martin, Harvard University, American Bankers Association, Pacific Life Insurance, Norfolk Southern, and the U.S. Department of Interior.

 What differentiates you from other speakers in your field?

 I make it my business to connect with my audiences and give them real-world, practical help they can use immediately.  I know the profile of each audience before I speak.  Because of my extensive field experience actually doing the job, I can offer information and insights that the audience can immediately relate to. I understand that concerns about the environment are not a trend, but rather reflect a new way of thinking that will govern everything we do, buy, and make. I clear up the confusion about what to do, offer clear “how to” suggestions, and provide an affordable, achievable game plan for moving forward. I dispel the frustration audiences can sometimes feel about “solving” environmental problems by demonstrating how they can use the power of their purchases, at home and at work, to protect themselves, their families and their communities while providing irresistible incentives to manufacturers that spur environmental innovation and the development of new “green” products and services. I also offer unique insights into opportunities that exist to rebuild more sustainably in the wake of natural and man-made disasters.

 What is your signature presentation?

 On the navigation bar of my website, “Presentation Topics” lists six detailed presentation descriptions as well as take-aways (what you can expect) for each one.

 Do you customize your presentations and if so, to what level? 

I address your specific needs in the pre-program questionnaire that is issued at the time of the booking.  Clients have every opportunity to inform me of their specific challenges so that those will be addressed in my presentation.  Ideally, the client selects a  presentation from among those that I offer, and I then tailor that presentation to meet the client’s needs.

 In addition, I do something that few speakers do.  You won’t catch me swooping in to give a canned talk right before the appointed time and then vanishing as quickly right after.  When my schedule permits, I prefer to attend the program in advance of my appearance so I can connect my presentation to previous messages.  I take notes to give my presentation the relevant points as defined by the meeting planner.  I pick up on your culture and jargon so I can speak your audience’s language.  I refer to points expressed earlier to give them emphasis and additional meaning as that makes sense.  I give the rest of your program more value by referring to it during my talk.  Your advantage is better value for the whole day.

How much do you charge for one hour, half-day and full-day programs?

 Please call my office or email me and I will be happy to provide you with the fee structure for keynote presentations, breakout or concurrent sessions, as well as multiple day appearances.  If you have budget restraints which don’t allow you to match my fees, you may submit a proposal for a fee that is more affordable for you. Reasonable offers will be reviewed and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

 Will you fill more than one slot, which will save us money on hiring another speaker and paying additional travel costs?

 Yes.  I offer discounted rates for multiple bookings at the same event, as well as multiple bookings for different events as long as they are booked at the same time.  My fee schedule is a one-page document that is available upon request. 

 What are your payment terms?  

Half of the speaking fee is required as a deposit to confirm a booking and that is due two weeks after the program agreement is issued. The balance of the speaking fee is due two weeks prior to the appearance date.  Expenses are charged to the client in addition to the speaking fee; those are due upon receipt of my invoice.

 What if there is a need to cancel a program that is already contracted?

There is a cancellation clause on the reverse side of my contract.  The time and circumstances of the cancellation determine the outcome.  If we are able to reschedule at a date in the future, we make every effort to do so without additional fees.

 May I arrange to preview a presentation at a nearby function to get a clear picture of your delivery, manner, language, and poise? Or do you have live footage of you speaking on stage? 

 There is footage of me speaking on my website.  There are also comments from past clients available on my website.  Otherwise, you may audit presentations as long as I am able to secure permission of the hiring entity.  Most of my appearances are not open to the public.

 How thorough is your research to understand the client’s needs in order to prepare your presentation? 

 Detailed presentation topic descriptions on my website give every prospective client the opportunity to review the information about what the presentation covers. The audience take-aways are detailed in bulleted items in every description.  Once the client completes and returns the pre-program questionnaire to me, I schedule a pre-conference call to reality-test the written responses I have received to make sure that I accomplish the goal of the meeting planner.

 Will you be interviewing employees or members of the organization prior to your appearance?

 Not usually.  If the client finds that this is necessary in order to have pertinent information, of course, I am available to do this.  Also, if there are individuals who the client would like to have me recognize from the stage, I am happy to do so.

 Do you use handouts in your presentation and if so, do we make sufficient copies from the masters or will you be providing the number of copies we need? 

 Depending on the length and circumstances of each presentation, I determine if a handout is necessary.  Often, I can direct the audience to a website for more information. If, however, the client prefers a handout, I will accommodate that preference.  In that case, I will provide the client with one master copy from which duplicates can be made and distributed to the audience prior to my presentation.

 Will you place our logo and the name of our organization in the handout? 

 If that is your preference for handouts, I will do so. I work within your guidelines.

 Do you involve the audience during your presentation? 

It depends on the length of the presentation.  A keynote is usually less than an hour and does not include time for audience interaction other than questions-and-answers at the end. There is more flexibility with a workshop.  Presentations that are half- to full-day formats allow for more involvement from the audience.  If there is enough time, I encourage others to share their experiences. 

 We like our speakers to arrive early and stay later following his/her presentation.  Do you allow time for that? 

 Whenever my schedule allows and depending on the time of my appearance, I arrive the evening before and leave the same day. This may vary if my presentation is late in the day, making airline connections difficult.  If there are special events that organizations would like for me to attend the evening before or following the event, arrangements depend on my speaking schedule the days before and after the presentations.

 Do you offer books, CDs, trainings or other products following your presentation? 

 I do have extended learning materials available for audiences.  Depending on the desires of the organization, I can either pre-sell items to the organization in advance of my appearance, or make them available following my presentation.  My aim is to follow the wishes of the organization. 

 How can I purchase copies of your book for the attendees at our upcoming event?

 I have written four books, of which the latest is Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World.  Please contact my office to receive a bulk discount rate for all attendees.

 If we pre-purchase books, will you autograph a copy in advance for each attendee?

 Yes. You will have the choice to pre-purchase books outright or order for consignment on-site.  When I issue an appearance contract, you will be asked if you would like to pre-purchase books for each person in the audience and if so, whether you would like to have them autographed.  The books will be mailed to you prior to the appearance, and I will autograph them before they are distributed, as requested.

 Is there a bulk discount on large quantities of books? 

 Yes.  Please request via email (Diane@BigGreenBreakthroughs.com) a copy of my bulk discount rate. 

  About Diane

An award-winning entrepreneur and one of America’s leading green consumer advocates and social visionaries, Diane MacEachern is the founder of both Big Green Purse and Big Green Purse at Work. A best-selling author who recently received the “Image of the Future” award from the World Communication Forum, Diane provides expert advice and consumer guidance to individuals, organizations and companies who want to protect themselves and their families, conserve our natural resources, and achieve greater sustainability.

Big Green Purse inspires consumers- especially women – to use their marketplace clout to secure their communities and families and to motivate companies to save energy, use safer ingredients, reduce waste and pollution, and otherwise become more responsible environmental citizens. Diane is launching an initiative to support the growing consumer movement in China by empowering women activists and entrepreneurs there. Big Green Purse also offers expert content on “green” living and environmentally-friendly business practices that can be integrated into webinars or offered on corporate, organizational and institutional websites.

Big Green Purse at Work’s dual purpose is to empower companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations to fulfill their environmental missions and to arm them with information and insights to enable them to rebuild sustainably in the wake of natural and man-made disasters. The company conducts workshops to help organizations engage employees in their sustainability initiatives, thereby insuring greater employee “buy in” and increasing the company’s likelihood of success. In addition, Big Green Purse at Work offers  seminars that provide blueprints, tools, and other resources to help government agencies, planners, philanthropists, and non-profit organizations understand why sustainability must be a key component of disaster planning and recovery efforts.

Diane is the author of four books: Save Our Planet: 750 Everyday Ways You Can Help Clean Up the Earth, Beat High Gas Prices Now! The Fastest, Easiest Ways to Save $20-$50 Every Month on Gasoline, The Hellraiser’s Guide to Community Activism: How to Organize a Successful Campaign for Change, and her latest, Big Green Purse: Use Your Spending Power to Create a Cleaner, Greener World, a finalist for the prestigious Books for a Better Life award. Big Green Purse captures the many practical lessons Diane has learned managing her own green household and businesses while raising two kids to turn off the lights, save gas, recycle and (mostly) like organic food.

With articles appearing in the Huffington Post, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Family Circle, Glamour, InStyle, Sierra, Ladies’ Home Journal, Readers Digest, Christian Science Monitor and many more, Diane is regularly featured in the media, including appearances on television shows such as CNN, ABC, Fox News, NBC and Live with Regis.

Diane has played an integral role in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s campaign to educate the public about global warming, helped establish Earth Day on an international scale, and worked with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance to establish the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument during the Clinton Administration. In recognition of her many achievements, Diane was named an “Eco Hero” by Glamour magazine and a “Trend Setter” by Sierra Club.

Among Diane’s past clients are HP, Pacific Life Insurance, AVON, St. Ives, the American Banker’s Association, the American Society of Training & Development, and the United Nations Development Programme. She has also offered workshops to institutions such as Harvard University, Whole Foods, Frito-Lay, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, and Toyota’s In the Interest of Women conferences. For a more complete list of past clients and to inquire on Diane’s availability for speaking engagements or consulting services, ontact Diane@biggreenbreakthroughs.com.

 For More Information 

 For more information or to make inquiries about a booking or other services we offer, please contact the office at 240-533-6384.  All inquiries will be answered promptly.  Visit www.biggreenbreakthroughs.com   for details about programs, products and services or email Diane at Diane@BigGreenBreakthroughs.com